Co-Invest with Us: Co-Invest with Us

We want to work with you to invest for a thriving society.

At Heron, we never invest alone. We recognize that we are one small part of a large system, and success in our mission will only happen when we are one of many investors supporting enterprises that are net contributors to society. As a small operation, we have a strong incentive to share underwriting and follow trusted partners into deals.

In addition, the capital needs of a robust enterprise typically require numerous investors, whether it's a nonprofit raising Enterprise Capital (or other philanthropic equity), or a for-profit raising money from funds, high-net-worth individuals or the public markets. We look to invest capital in a way that supports both reasonable financial return and reliable, high-quality social performance by the enterprises in our portfolio.

If you are an investor or funder interested in sound enterprises that can perform reliably while contributing to the good of society and the health of our economy, let us know. We'd also love to hear from you if you are interested in the creation and use of data tools that aid in this kind of investing.

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