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Field Notes: ESG Investing Gains Momentum with Swiss Re

The latest move towards principled investments by insurance giant, Swiss Re, exemplifies ESG indices’ power to influence capital markets at scale.

Field Notes: Social Enterprise, Proceed with Caution

Steven Dawson offers ten tips on what it takes to be successful when launching a business for the purpose of employing nonprofit clients.

Soundbites: Clara Miller Looks Back Five Years

Toni Johnson of Mission OutLoud sits down with Heron's Clara Miller to discuss her 2017 letter to the field reflecting on a five-year journey.

Philanthropy and Pluralism: Diversity That Does Not Divide

A speech by Ambassador James A. Joseph, F.B. Heron Board Member and President Emeritus of the Council on Foundations.

2014 Heron Financial Statement

Heron's 2014 financial statement

IRS Form 990 – 2013

Access the foundation's tax return.

2013 Heron Financial Statement

Heron's 2013 financial statement