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2017-01-05 09_31_09-Photo of the Month_ December 2016 _ Heron Foundation

Dec 30, 2016

Photo of the Month: December 2016

Residents mourn the victims of Oakland's Ghost Ship warehouse fire as the nation continues to grapple with rising rent costs and precarious living situations.

POTM Standing Rock

Dec 2, 2016

Photo of the Month: November 2016

A growing camp of activists at Standing Rock highlights a larger struggle for indigenous land rights and control over their economic future.

2016-11-11 11_28_47-As Uber Offers Bagels by Bike, NYC Couriers Seek More Pay Photos and Images _ Ge

Oct 31, 2016

Photo of the Month: October 2016

Freelance workers get organized as the gig economy heats up, fighting for better protections, wages and benefits.

Photo of the Month_ September 2016 _ Heron Foundation

Sep 27, 2016

Photo of the Month: September 2016

Farm workers tend a field in California, as the state passes historic legislation for agricultural overtime pay.

Jul 31, 2016

Photo of the Month: July 2016

This photo shows the signing of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act signed two years ago, for which the final rules were revealed in July.

2016-07-08 12_28_23-Photo of the Month_ June 2016 _ Heron Foundation

Jun 30, 2016

Photo of the Month: June 2016

This photo of the month shows protesters at the trial of a cop involved in Freddie Gray's murder and highlights the need for racial and economic healing in Baltimore.

2016-06-08 12_56_14-Photo of the Month_ May 2016 _ Heron Foundation

May 31, 2016

Photo of the Month: May 2016

This month's photo looks at dissatisfied Verizon and Macy's union employees fighting for better employment terms.

Apr 29, 2016

Photo of the Month: April 2016

This month's photo shows the last remnant of the mining industry in one Colorado community bringing the economic effects of its downfall on the neighboring population to light.

2016-04-05 16_59_33-$16-an-Hour Job Lost $2-an-Hour Job Gained _ Getty Images 2

Mar 31, 2016

Photo of the Month: March 2016

The photo highlights the impact of NAFTA and other trade agreements on U.S. workers, which is a topic of the presidential campaign.

2016-03-07 16_52_41-Photo of the Month_ February 2016 _ Heron Foundation

Feb 29, 2016

Photo of the Month: February 2016

In this month's photo, we look to South Carolina as the primaries bring to light the barriers to voting that minorities and low income people face with new ID laws.