Categories for Field Notes

Field Notes: Scaling Impact

Today we’re reading about how enterprises can scale their impact through better principles and better conversation.

Field Notes: The Future of Impact

In philanthropy and impact investing today: a stock exchange milestone, why better data matters and the next generation of investors.

Field Notes: Darren Walker on Philanthropy

In an interview with Shelterforce Weekly, the Ford Foundation’s new president discusses his take on giving.

Field Notes: On Philanthropy

Today: fun fundraising, investment news and an open letter to Google’s CEO.

Field Notes: A Sustainable Society

Today we're reading about how investing can keep temperatures down, options for mothers returning to work, and a big-tent approach to venture philanthropy.

Field Notes: Bill Gates on Poverty and Prosperity

Bill Gates discusses the trends in the U.S. labor market during a conversation on poverty and prosperity with the American Enterprise Institute's Arthur Brooks.

Field Notes: Impact Investing’s Potential

A few updates in the impact investing space.

Field Notes: Women in Poverty

International Women’s Day kicks off a month of worldwide discussion so we’re digging into female poverty in the United States and investing with a gender lens.

Field Notes: Bolder, Better Philanthropy

Today we’re reading about recent thought on the philanthropic sector.

Field Notes: Six Ways for Business to Address Inequality

The Aspen Institute's Judy Samuelson and Maureen Conway detail six steps that corporations can take to advance equity for their employees and society.