A Portfolio Approach to Impact Investment

A Practical Guide to Building, Analyzing and Managing a Portfolio of Impact Investments

The World Has Changed and So Must We

A New Approach - Like other American foundations, The F. B. Heron Foundation has for years focused on helping families at the bottom of the economic and social scale --

IRS Form 990 – 2011

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IRS Form 990 – 2010

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Financial Statement 2010

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Solutions for Impact Investors: From Strategy to Implementation

In writing this monograph, our main goal is to provide impact investors with tools to tighten the link between their investment decisions and impact creation.

Equity Advancing Equity: How Community Philanthropy Can Build Racial and Social Equity through Mission Investing

Putting investment portfolios to work for the greater good can unlock opportunity in marginalized communities, especially those with substantial minority or low-income populations. Equity Advancing Equity frames some of the possibilities for the growing practice of mission investing and captures the momentum of a dozen community foundations that are leading the way.

A Letter from the President Concerning the Current Economic Crisis

The current economic crisis is hurting just about everyone, but these are particularly painful times for individuals, families, and organizations in low-income communities. While it is encouraging that the new Administration’s top priority is revitalizing our economy, most “experts” are predicting a slow and uneven recovery from this downturn. Given that these are anxious times, we thought it would be useful to communicate with our customers about the Heron Foundation’s response.