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A Letter from the President, 2007

By former Heron President, Sharon King.

Impact Across the Mission-Related Investment Portfolio

An overview on impact from the F.B. Heron 2007 Annual Report

Mission Possible: Emerging Opportunities for Mission Connected Investment

This report considers how foundations might use a proportion of their endowment in support of the change they set out to create -- their mission. It explores the potential of "mission-connected investment" or MCI -- defined as investment which promises a market return but also helps to achieve mission -- a win-win for foundations.

Philanthropy’s New Passing Gear: Mission-Related Investing: A Policy and Implementation Guide for Foundation Trustees

The goal of this guide is to provide foundation trustees and, where or when appropriate, staff with a process to create both an overall policy for MRI as well as specific paths for implementation

IRS Form 990 – 2007

Access the Foundation's IRS tax return.

Financial Statement 2007

Access the Foundation's financial statement.

Aggregating Impact: A Funder’s Guide to Mission Investment Intermediaries

The authors provide an overview of mission investment intermediaries and how foundations use them, the benefits and challenges of investing in intermediaries, and an analysis of available intermediaries that address economic development, housing and the environment.

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Compounding Impact: Mission Investing by U.S. Foundations

This report provides the first comprehensive analysis of mission investing by U.S. foundations. The study, funded by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, analyzes the mission investment activity of 92 U.S. foundations, which have made a combined total of $2.3 billion of mission investments. Mission investing is a more specific type of social investing, and represents the use of financial investments as tools to achieve a foundation's mission.