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Mission Stewardship: Aligning Programs, Investments, and Administration to Achieve Impact

An essay by Heron Board Chairman, William M. Dietel.

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A Letter from the President, 2005

As always, I want to acknowledge the Foundation’s partners—the grantees and investees—who do the actual work to build wealth and assets for low-income people and communities. I also want to thank the Foundation’s directors for setting a high standard for Heron’s work and for being supportive of the staff’s efforts.

F.B. Heron Foundation Annual Report 2005

A report on Foundation activities in 2005.

IRS Form 990 – 2005

Access the Foundation's IRS tax return.

Financial Statement 2005

Access the Foundation's financial statement.

Customer Service in Action

TREATING APPLICANTS, GRANTEES, INVESTEES, AND COLLEAGUES with respect is a founding value of the Heron Foundation, a value that has always been enthusiastically supported by board and staff. However, Heron board members were not satisfied just to articulate this value. They challenged the staff to go beyond respectful communication and encouraged us to think of our grantees/investees as customers. They urged us to demonstrate customer service in action—a charge that has resulted in some fundamental changes in how we do our work.

Effectiveness: Building Infrastructure

Featured: Low Income Investment Fund.

Effectiveness: Managing Transitions

Featured: Mountain Association for Community Economic Development

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The most important lesson of a new report on indicators in inclusive prosperity in low-income neighborhoods is that low-income neighborhoods can reduce poverty without displacing local communities, @RoAcharya & @rhettmorris write.