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Mar 4, 2017

In Case You Missed It: At the Expense of the People

In this issue, Trump takes on Congress, globalism vs nationalism, pitting the old against the young, poverty and brain development, and ETFs go biblical.

Mar 11, 2017

In Case You Missed It: The Poverty Healthcare Debate

In this issue, vilifying the poor over health care, the bad news on inequality, the good news on wages, and the trouble with the post-election giving surge.

Mar 25, 2017

In Case You Missed It: The Non-Working Class

In this issue, more on the white working-class divide, the trouble organizing labor, poverty and Trump's budget, and why JD Vance has gone home.

Apr 1, 2017

In Case You Missed It: Fools Still in Love With the American Dream

In this issue: the magical thinking coal jobs; the new American Dream takes a village; from middle class to poverty; and worker self-directed nonprofits.

Apr 7, 2017

In Case You Missed It: Songs for a Social Investing Future

In this issue, news on foundation impact investing, the low-down on urban vs rural, matchmaking for small business legacies, and the debate over disability benefits.

Apr 15, 2017

In Case You Missed It: Our Social Capital Challenges

In this issue, disabilty benefit growth, better 'free' college policy, the cost of noncompliance, the middle class drug crisis, and research on data and society.

Apr 22, 2017

In Case You Missed It: A Tale of Two Economic Futures

In this issue, the trouble with buying American, disappearing retail jobs, why employers are replacing government, and regressing into a low-income nation.

Apr 29, 2017

In Case You Missed It: Poverty and Famine in 2017

In this issue, dire famine news, ending opportunity monopolies, financial stability worries, unaffordable housing, and investing in social business leaders.

May 6, 2017

In Case You Missed It: Taking Poor Medicine

In this issue, worries over the rollback to Medicaid, why inequality hurts empathy, more minimum wage debate, and why investing in new entrepreneurs means jobs.

May 14, 2017

In Case You Missed It: Notes for the Civic Citizen

In this issue, the rise of the wealthy 'super citizen', why funders should avoid big bets, leaning toward unequal societies and a look at trumponomics.