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Aug 19, 2017

In Case You Missed It: One Nation Divisible

In this issue, race and aspirations for a new working class, tariffs' impact on U.S. manufacturing and inequality and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Aug 26, 2017

In Case You Missed It: Overcoming A Poor Set of Choices

In this issue, questions for Paul Ryan on poverty, philanthropy led bail reform, the need for new socialism, creative class gentrification, and the Vatican does impact.

Oct 13, 2017

Deep Dive: Jonesboro Green Tech Bond

The first of a series of retrospective deep dives into a broad selection of Heron's early fixed income impact investments, featuring the financing of a wind turbine factory in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

The Alternative: Most of what you believe about poverty is wrong

Oct 26, 2017

Join us Nov. 10th to Change the Narrative on Poverty

Join us in celebrating Mauricio Lim Miller of the Family Independence Initiative, whose recently released book, The Alternative, describes a new approach to addressing poverty.

Nov 20, 2017

Dana K. Bezerra Named President of Heron Foundation

Transition to take place on December 31, 2017

Jan 3, 2018

Deep Dive: The Muses Apartments Bond

The second in a series of retrospective deep dives into a broad selection of Heron's early fixed income impact investments, featuring a mixed-income housing community in post-Katrina New Orleans.

A group of friends and a dog picnic in the grass. Behind them is a walking and bike trail, a body of water, and the dense skyscraper skyline of downtown Manhattan, with the late afternoon sun shining between the buildings.

Jan 22, 2018

Field Notes: Blackrock and the Wherewithal of Society

An announcement by Blackrock CEO Larry Fink that corporations need to pay more attention to their effects on society echoes Heron Chair Buzz Schmidt’s call for accountability for enterprises’ positive or negative effect on society’s wherewithal.

A bowl of green apples in clear focus in the foreground, with bowls of red apples and oranges blurry in the background.

Feb 5, 2018

Building vs. Buying: Distinguishing Capital and Revenue for Nonprofits

Capital and revenue are as different, and important, in the nonprofit space as in the for-profit space, but these differences are often overlooked—endangering the health and sustainability of nonprofit enterprises and the missions they serve.

A black and white photo focused on the arms of two men who are arm-wrestling, with a pile of crumpled bills on the table.

Feb 6, 2018

Properly Capitalizing Nonprofits: A Key to Long-Term Impact

Part one of a video series on nonprofit capitalization: Heron’s Rodney Christopher discusses how the right approach to capitalization can be the difference between a nonprofit that struggles and one that thrives while pursuing its mission.

A photo of two women striding in high heels on a brick sidewalk in bright blue clothing.

Mar 5, 2018

Steps to Approach Nonprofit Capitalization Planning

In part two of a video series on nonprofit capitalization, Heron’s Rodney Christopher shares thoughts on assessing where an organization stands financially, and four capitalization goals to help ensure a nonprofit has the right kinds of money when various needs arise.