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Leveraging Partnerships

Featured: North Carolina Community Development Initiative.

Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Featured: Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance.

IRS Form 990 – 2001

Access the Foundation's IRS tax return.

irs 2001

Accessing Capital

Featured: Community Reinvestment Fund.

Empowering Communities

Featured: East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation.

Investing in Development

UrbanAmerica, LP is a private investment fund seeking income from, and capital appreciation through, commercial real estate investments in low- and moderateincome communities in the United States. The Fund acquires and develops commercial properties in inner-city areas nationwide and provides opportunities for corporate and retail tenants to locate facilities in such communities. The Fund specializes in properties used for office, and retail, industrial and distribution purposes.

Providing Tools for Success

Organization mission: To improve the quality of life for low- and moderate- income residents of the Delta regions of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi by providing financing, technical assistance, and training for businesses, entrepreneurs, homebuyers, and communities; and forging strategic partnerships that build the region’s human and economic assets.