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IRS Form 990-2021

Heron Foundation’s form 990 for 2021.

IRS Form 990-2020

Heron Foundation’s form 990 for 2020.

IRS Form 990-2019

Heron Foundation’s form 990 for 2019.

IRS Form 990-2018

Heron Foundation’s form 990 for 2018.

IRS Form 990-2017

Heron Foundation’s form 990 for 2017.

Optimizing Our Fixed Income Portfolio

Last year, Heron decided to pull $30 million of our fixed income portfolio in-house, to be managed by an internal fixed income manager, Barbara VanScoy. In this blog post, we chronicle the experiences that led to and came from that decision.

A Note on COVID-19

At Heron, we try to champion people, places, and enterprises who challenge broken conventions and dare to change. In light of COVID-19, we remain committed to our work in communities across the United States.

Questions We’re Asking This Week: The Maine Edition

Heron has had partnerships in Maine since our early days as a foundation. Now, we’re reexamining Maine as a community in transition. Here are some of the inquiries we’re chasing.

A Tale of Two Tools: Financing Housing in the San Joaquin Valley

At Heron, we try to use all the tools in our toolkit to finance organizations who are serving the people and communities we care about. Recently, we used two different tools to provide financing to Self Help Enterprises (SHE), an organization offering homeownership opportunities in the San Joaquin Valley.

General Operating Support: The Effective Thing to Do; The Respectful Thing to Do

General operating support can provide nonprofit organizations with the flexibility to plan, innovate, and pivot in their work. So, why don’t more foundations provide general operating support as part of their grantmaking strategies? In this post, we chat with Mary Jo Mullan, a former and longtime member of the Heron team, about the importance of general operating support.